Message from the Consul General

Dear officials of the host country in particular, all the Governors and State Legislatures of the States and , the Office of Mayor of the City of Los Angeles , United States, Department of State Office of Foreign Missions, Los Angeles Field Office , all diplomatic missions of all friendly countries based in Los Angeles and all Ethiopians and Ethiopian American residents in the Western United States, it is a great honor and extraordinary privilege to me to be here in the coming couple of years and honored,  to work with all of you,  in the areas of common interest of our respective institutions.

My name is Ambassador Mulugeta Kelil, as  Consul General of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopian based here in Los Angeles I am  in charge of Ethiopian consular representation the States of California, Alaska, Arizona, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, Washington, Wyoming,  . In collaboration with all of respective States and their institutions, I have full self-assurance in your cooperation and to support in my work of to promoting friendly relations that will benefit all of us.

The following are some of my focus areas as Consul General that I need your cooperation:

  • I am here to strengthen economic cooperation between Ethiopia and investors and business communities based and operate here in the Western United States, including those active in the areas of manufacturing, apparel and textile industry, pharmaceuticals, high tech industry, leather and leather products, agro-processing and facilitate their entry into Ethiopia to invest.
  • In this regard I offer, on behalf of my country, the availability of the much competitive, trained, and trainable labor force that is critical for any investor. I can assure, my country has one of the best investment codes that are highly attractive and full of incentives to investors. I guarantee to all business communities that my office is always open to you and your business  and enable you to  tap the huge market and investment opportunities available in one of the fastest growing African economy.
  • My office is excited to host and facilitate to Ethiopian American businesspersons and expedite commencement of their investment. I call up on Ethiopians and Ethiopian Americans to work with your home country and make a meaningful impact in the social and economic development of your nation.
  • On the Issues of national interest,  I am  always optimistic and consider it as a special privilege and honor to work with patriotic Ethiopians and Ethiopian Americans on issues of major national priority projects such as the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam, on the activities of fighting COVID-19 Pandemic and other important issues of national interest.
  • In the area of Cultural and Public diplomacy, Ethiopian Regional States have great desire to create State to State relations with all their counterpart States located within our Consular district. Major cities in Ethiopia are willing to form sister city bonds with cities located in the Western United States. Higher educational institutions of Ethiopia would also like to form institutional linkage to share experiences and expertise in various areas of science and technology. Therefore, I kindly request cooperation and collaboration from the concerned states, cities, and educational institutions.
  • Trade dimensions between Ethiopia and States in our Consular district have been growing from time to time. It is incumbent up on me and my diplomats to facilitate nexus between American importers and Ethiopian exporters and speed up more trading of Ethiopian goods. Thus, American importers of coffee, spices, pulses, oilseeds, flowers apparels and textiles can reach to me any time and get my assistance in facilitating their import products.
  • In the area of Tourism, Ethiopia as  one of oldest countries in the world, rich in history, culture, natural beauty fauna and flora, my office encourages tourists to visit Ethiopia and expedite their visit and assure to  obtain all necessary information regarding tourist destinations and other information.
  • Finally, I would like to reiterate, as core activity of my office, to make sure that my Consulate General and all its staff members render to all our customers the best quality of services in all Consular services.

In the successful accomplishment of diplomatic career of any diplomat; the host country, officials of the host country operating at all levels and citizens of the host country have irreplaceable place. As Ethiopian Consul General, I am here to work towards strengthening the promotion of the common interests of Ethiopia and United States that has been based on mutual interest and hardened by century long diplomatic relations. Therefore, let me take this opportunity to humbly request your kind assistance and collaboration, to me and all the diplomats working with me, for the fulfillment of our consular mission of promoting the common interests of all our peoples.