About Ethiopian Consulate General of Los Angeles



The Consulate General of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia in Los Angeles is one of Ethiopia’s Missions in the United States established as per Article 2 sub Article 4 of Foreign Service Proclamation No. 790/2013 of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia. Ethiopia’s diplomatic relation with the United States is one of the longstanding diplomatic relations the United States has established with one of Africa’s independent countries. 

The Ethiopian Consulate General of Los Angeles, among other responsibilities vested on it as per Article 45 of the aforementioned Proclamation, is discharging its Consular functions according to Vienna Convention on Consular Relations and other relevant international laws to which Ethiopia and the United States are parties and other customary international law practices recognized by civilized nations. The Los Angeles Ethiopian Consulate-General has officially commenced its consular functions in June 2002. 

Assignment of Consul Generals

Ambassador Taye Atskesilasie is the first Consul General that was assigned to lead the Consulate General from its establishment, June 2002 until 9 December 2010.

Ambassador Taye is the longest-serving Consul General of the Consulate General of Ethiopia. Following his callback to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia for greater assignment on 10 December 2010, Ambassador Zerihun Retta Shumye assumed the Office of Consul General of the Consulate General and remains in Office until his departure on 8 January 2016.

Mr. Birhane Kidanemarian Yehdego is the third senior diplomat that has led the Consulate General in full capacity as Consul General.  Mr. Birhane remains the Consul General of the Consulate from 23 May 2016 until his transfer to Ethiopian Embassy in Washington DC on 23 January 2019.  It is during his tenure in office that H.E. Dr. Abiy Ahmed, the incumbent Prime Minister of Ethiopia, has Visited Ethiopian American residents of Western United States on 29 July 2018, for the first time. 


Dr. Birhanemeskel Abebe Segni (Consul General) has led the Consulate General between 26 February 2019 and 10 April  2020.

Following Dr. Birhanemeskel Abebe Segni’s end of term of office  on 10  April  2020, Mr. Muktar Mohamed Ware was assigned to briefly lead the Consulate General as Acting Consul General between 10 April  2020, until he was replaced by Ambassador Mulugeta Kelil Beshir on 21 July 2020.

The incumbent Consul General of the Consulate General, since 21 July 2020, is Ambassador Mulgeta Kelil Beshir. He started his diplomatic career in the Embassy of Ethiopia in Washington DC in April 2006. He also served, from July 2011 to August 2013, at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia, as Director-General of Diaspora Engagement Affairs Directorate-General. From November 2013 until October 2017 Ambassador Mulugeta was assigned to serve Ethiopian Embassy in Pretoria as an Ambassador Extraordinary and plenipotentiary of the Government of Ethiopia to the Republic of South Africa. When he finished his staying in Pretoria and returned to the Head Quarter, Ambassador Mulugeta led Diaspora Engagement and Public Diplomacy affairs Directorate-General. He is one of the experienced diplomats who have long experience working with Ethiopian Diaspora both at the Head Quarter and in Ethiopian Missions.

States covered under the Consular

The Ethiopian Consulate-General based here in Los Angeles at 3250 Wilshire Blvd Suite 1101 Los Angeles, CA 90010 is covering 13 States located in the Western Part of the United States including California, Alaska, Arizona, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, Washington and Wyoming as its Consular Districts.

Consular functions

Currently, the Consulate General has 10 diplomats and 6 local staffs working on the major areas of Diplomacy specifically on Economic Diplomacy, Public Diplomacy, Citizens Affairs Diplomacy, Diaspora Engagement, and Consular Services.

Ambassador Mulugeta Kelil Beshir

Tel:- 213-365-6651 ext.101
email:- info@ethioconsulatela.org
Tel:- 213-365-6651 ext. 100
Fax፡- (213) 365-6670
email፡- info@ethioconsulatela.org

Mr. Almaw Atnafu
Consul for Economic and public diplomacy
Tel:- 213-365-6651
Email : info@ethioconsulatela.org

Mr. Abiy Gebre Kirstos
Chief of Administration
Tel:- 213-365-6651
Email : info@ethioconsulatela.org

Diaspora Affairs

Mrs. Almaz Dikayehu Ebba
Head of Diaspora
Tel:- 213-365-6651 ext. 122
Email : info@ethioconsulatela.org

Ms. Betelehem Abera
Counselor I
Tel:- 213-365-6651 ext. 118
email:- info@ethioconsulatela.org

Mr. Negesse Toma Toyto
First Secretary
Tel:- 213-365-6651 ext. 102 and 103
email:- info@ethioconsulatela.org

Administration and Finance
Administration and Finance
Mrs. Tiruwerk Melis Kerwake
Tel:- 213-365-6651 ext.117
email:- info@ethioconsulatela.or

Mr. Tariku Legesse Dibaba
Consul of Diaspora
Tel:- 213-365-6651 ext. 106
email:- info@ethioconsulatela.org

Ms. Adeyabeba Derbew
First Secretary
Tel:- 213-365-6651 ext. 102
email:- info@ethioconsulatela.org

Economy & Public Diplomacy affairs

Mr. Muktar Mohamed Ware
Minister Counselor II
Tel:- 213-365-6651 ext. 107
Email : info@ethioconsulatela.org

Mr. Asmamaw Nurie
Consul for Economic and public affairs
Tel:- 213-365-6651
Email : info@ethioconsulatela.org