Document Authentication/ Power of Attorney

As provided under Ethiopian law (proclamation no.95/2015) to authenticate a document means “to sign and affix a seal by witnessing the signing of a new document by the person who has prepared such document or the person it concern and after ascertaining that this formality is fulfilled; or to sign and affix a seal on an already signed document by ascertaining its authenticity through an affidavit or specimen signature and/or seal”.

The document authentication service under this section requires the person requesting the service to appear in person and sign a new document in front of a consular officer by fulfilling the following requirements: –

  • Bring 3 (three) copies of new prepared power of attorney or revocation, contractual agreement, will, minute of a meeting, Memorandum of Association, Article of Association, declaration or any other similar documents.
  • A duly completed and signed application form (Click here to download the form).
  • A copy of valid Ethiopian Passport and Green Card or work permit and for non-residents I-94
  • A copy of Foreign passport or Ethiopian origin ID


  • $62.00 per document for holders of valid Ethiopian Passport or Ethiopian Origin ID
  • $95.00 per document for holders of valid Foreign Passport
  • Service fees must only be made by money order or casher check payable to Consulate of Ethiopia

Note: – The service could be processed in 20 minutes.