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የዳያስፖራ የመኖሪያ ቤቶች ልማት ፕሮግራም

  • የአማራ ብሔራዊ ክልላዊ መንግስት በዳያስፖራ የመኖሪያ ቤቶች ልማት ፕሮግራም ላይ ያደረጉት ማሻሻያ፡ Click Here to Download

NEW – Foreign Currency Diaspora Bank Account

Foreign Currency account is an account in which the source of fund is overseas and can be maintained in hard currency or in birr. Type of foreign currency account may include:Non-Resident Transferable Foreign Currency Account (NRT FCY), Non-Resident Transferable Birr Account (NRT), Non-Resident Non-Transferable Birr Account (NRNT), Foreign Exchange Retention Accounts for Exporters, Foreign Exchange Retention Accounts for the Recipients of Inward Remittances, Foreign Currency accounts in the name of Ethiopian and foreign nationals of Ethiopian origin ( Diaspora a/c)

Ethiopian Diaspora Trust Fund Account 

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Mid Eth Opens door for Ethiopian and Ethiopian Origin Professionals

The Ethiopian Expatriate Affairs Directorate General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in collaboration with the IOM, UNDP and the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development, has initiated a new program, the Migration for Development in Ethiopia Program (MIDEth). Its mission is to facilitate the transfer of knowledge and technology to Ethiopia through the efforts of Ethiopians and persons of Ethiopian origin living abroad with professional skills in the areas of higher education , health, and water.Here is the full text

If you are interested to provide the service, Click Here pdf to view Selected Universities and their respective needs.

The Constituency Building Department of the Embassy of Ethiopia is committed to deliver various services to Ethiopians and foreign nationals of Ethiopian Origin in the USA.

Recognizing the roles of the Ethiopian Diaspora with respect to their country of origin, the Government of Ethiopia has through its Ministry of Foreign Affairs, created the General Directorate in charge of Ethiopian Expatriate Affairs in January 2002.

To get more general information about diaspora engagement , visit Diaspora Portal at Diaspora Portal

Further more, the Constituency Building Department of the Consulate General Shall:

  1. Disseminate accurate & first hand information and data to the Diaspora, in a bid to make them well informed, well connected with their country and enable them to participate and contribute in the overall developmental endeavors of the country.
    Allow us to take this opportunity to ask you about Ethiopian Television broadcast Click here 
    to view & print the PDF in Amharic and send your comments to: -Consulate General of Ethiopia, 3250 Wilshe Boulevard # 1101 Los Angeles, California 90010.

  2. Encourage Ethiopians and foreign nationals of Ethiopian origin to participate in trade and tourism and/or recruit tourists to Ethiopia.

  3. Encourage Ethiopians and Foreign nationals of Ethiopian origin to invest in Ethiopia and/or recruit investors for Ethiopia. (Watch this short clip)

There are numerous excellent  reasons to invest in Ethiopia 
For more background information, check out the Ethiopian Investment Guide If you would like to get  Support letter for investment Click Here PDF  or Word

For quick information about Ethiopia’s Agricultural Sector Development Click Here

If you are interested in doing business in Ethiopia or would like more information, please contact:

 Diaspora Affairs
Consulate General of Ethiopia

3250 Wilshire Boulevard # 1101\

Los Angeles, California 90010
TEL: (213)365-6651
FAX: (213) 365-6670

  1. Encourage Ethiopians and foreign nationals of Ethiopian origin to participate in the transfer of knowledge and technology to help the county’s developmental endeavor.
    In order to get a piece of information about Ethiopia’s. Education Sector Progress Click Here

  2. Conducting research, which helps in identifying problems of the Ethiopians in the USA in order to improve legislation that is instrumental for their increased participation in nation building.
    Should you need to serve in your country’s institutions for short term (Voluntary Services) or work permanently, and for more information about knowledge and technology transfer, Please contact:

    TIN Biometric Information

    TIN Biometric Application Form

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      TIN Biometric Instructions

  3. The Diaspora Engagement Unit was established by the Ministry of Health to support member of diaspora for their contribution to the health sector in the country. For more information click here Diaspora engagement in health sector.Diaspora AffairsMr. Tafa Dadi
    Minister Consular I
    Tel:- 323-690-3619 ext. 112
    Email : tafadadi@gmail.comMr. Habib Muhammed
    Vice Consul
    Tel:- 213-365-6651 ext. 107
    Email : Mr. Abulla Othow
    Deputy Consul
    Tel:- 213-365-6651 ext. 101